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Stanley Kubrik Exhibition at The Design Museum June 2019

It was raining elephants and kangaroos but I still kept on powering on through the never-ending shower. I told myself I'm going go to the Design Museum to see the Stanley Kubrick show. Stanley Kubrick was a famous film director, screenwriter, and producer. He was known for his films such as the Shinning and Full Metal Jacket. I wanted see if it was worth going out and spending £12 otherwise, I don’t normally venture out to museums and galleries or anywhere else as they can be very dull and sad, like going to someone’s funeral of an unknown cousin that you’ve never met or seen. Since I'm getting paid, I might as well make an effort. I even ironed and pressed my shirt and wore some heavy makeup. I'm still going to look out of place since I'm a......... wait for it a FISH called Gogol. Slapping my tail around on the tube and getting everyone wet.

I was nearly they’re at my destination. I'm not going lie but it smelt a bit fishy in the museum. The stuff in reception were very friendly and courtesy. Got my student discount on the Kubrick show. Felt a bit bad and a tiny bit of self-shame when they asked for a donation to be included in ticket but I said no since I only I had a cheese toastie at home. Though if you wanted to use the lockers you had to pay a £1 donation. Did get a few dirty looks from follow exhibitionists but felt excited to go to the show. The toilets smelt of Dettol but clean. The entrance to the exhibition looked like entering the A Space Odyssey with the big five screens showcasing the films he had made. Very bold, dramatic, hypnotising and even more from outside of the entrance making it look tempting and enticing. Luring you inside the spaceship like you’re about to join another realm or being kidnapped by a stalker. It felt a bit like going to the cinema. Loved how the scenes from his films were from some of his popular films. All the rooms featured some of his famous films like clock orange, Spartacus, A Space Odyssey up against walls in different bold colours like red, blue and orange. It featured film scenes, costumes and film props used on sets, old cameras and even important letters from when complaints were made about his films. As some of his films were violent, sexual and just plain odd but modern. Very artsy. The displaying of some of the props used in the films were situated on big platforms like stages. The sounds of the films or a particular scene playing would over shadow the other films playing in the background but it all went well together. You could hear the eerie sound of The Shining coming through into the other film scenes which parts were comedy. My favourite piece was A Space Odyssey as it showed more props used in the film such as the set design Hilton space station 5, guerrilla model and the spaceships designs hanging from the ceilings. It was well worth seeing. Loved the combination of diverse mediums used so that you don't die from boredom just looking at pictures. Mostly posh rich people at the exhibition so felt a tiny bit uncomfortable but was too busy taking a billion photos. Only three Asians at the exhibition including me. The exhibition was like a film in its self because they were so many set designs and film screens. Loved it and would pay to go again.


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